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Recent Obituaries

Name Death Date
Norman "Al" McKinnon02/28/2015
Gordon Ross Coote 02/28/2015
Christina Red Young Man (Brocket) 02/28/2015
Shawn Coats (Calgary) 02/27/2015
Anna Theresa Hambling02/26/2015

Previous Obituaries

Name Death Date
Marguret Rose Provost (High River)02/23/2015
Francis Bad Eagle (Brocket)02/22/2015
Lance Daniels (Eden Valley)02/21/2015
Lawrence "Laurie" Eugene Parker (High River/Florida) 02/21/2015
Reginald (Reg) Max Peckham (Calgary)02/21/2015
ERNEST FREDERICK BERGEN (Pincher Creek)02/20/2015
Ruth Margaret Mary Metcalfe (High River)02/19/2015
Arthur Crow Shoe02/18/2015
Leslie Man Who Smokes (Brocket)02/16/2015
Wendy Kathleen McCallum (High River)02/13/2015

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